Retirement transition services 

Wondering if Next in Life services are for you? Let’s talk! Tell me what it is you are looking to achieve, we’ll explore what may be holding you back, and we’ll see how we make out. There is absolutely no charge for this discovery call. Book a 60-minute slot, and we’ll use as much or as little of that time as works for you.

If you get value from that call and want more, we’ll work out which service best meet your needs:

Retirement readiness assessment

Not sure where to begin with retirement planning? Or you’re retired, and things aren’t going as you had anticipated but you can’t put your finger on what is wrong? Start here.

  • You’ll get either the “Retirement Success Profile”  (RSP)™ or the “Life Options Profile” (LOP)™  to complete; we’ll decide together which best suits your situation; and then you’ll get a personalized report when the completed questionnaire is submitted.
  • These questionnaires help us explore your attitudes and beliefs about life after career and the degree to which your current lifestyle supports a successful retirement.
  • We’ll do a 1.5 hour debrief and coaching session to explore areas for future consideration.
  • You’ll walk away with a short-term action plan as well as a copy of either The New Retirement or What Color is Your Retirement.
    If this experience excites you to explore more, you can roll into the Catalyst Program.

Fee: $300

Catalyst Program

Can’t see yourself chilling for the rest of your life once retired? Or you’re a few years into retirement and thinking “Is this it?” and feeling “I’m not done yet!” The Catalyst Program will guide you through a process of discovery that supports creating the inspired, impactful life you want.

This 12-week program includes:

  • Ten hours of coaching spaced over 12 weeks to suit your discovery journey.
  • Assessment questionnaires as appropriate to your situation including the “Retirement Success Profile” (RSP)™ or the “Life Options Profile” (LOP)™ which help us explore your attitudes and beliefs about life after career and the degree to which your current lifestyle supports success in your retirement.
  • Assignments between coaching sessions to dig deeper and move your thinking forward.
  • Support between coaching sessions via email, text messaging and phone as desired to keep you moving through your discovery process.
  • An action plan that makes you feel energized about what is next in your life.
  • Fee: $2,100

Speaking engagements/webinars

Interactive and custom-designed to address audience interests and provide an overview of opportunities and challenges faced with retirement.

Fee: Starting at $500


Half-day workshops custom designed around participants’ results from the “Life Options Profile” (LOP)™ completed by all participants in advance of the workshop. Other pre-workshop exercises may need to be completed by participants to maximize workshop time.

Fee: Starting at $1,800. Minimum six people.


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