Transition and retirement services 

From coaching to workshops, Next in Life Consulting offers a variety of services that supports individuals and groups to navigate from one stage of life to the next.

Looking for something one on one? Start with a free 60-minute discovery call. You tell me what you are looking to achieve, we’ll explore what may be getting in your way and then work together to uncover your next steps.

If you get value from that call and want more, we’ll work out which service best meet your needs.

For speaking engagements, webinars or workshops for clients or colleagues about transitions to what’s next in life, contact me at


Has something ended in your life and what’s next is somewhat fuzzy? Consider coaching to get you through the messy middle of transitions to a clear path for what is next in your life.

Coaching is a partnership that inspires you to maximize your potential. It is a client-driven process that focusses on setting goals, creating outcomes, and managing personal change.

My role as a coach is to discover and clarify what you want to achieve, encourage your self-discovery, elicit solutions and strategies from you and hold you responsible and accountable.

Start with a free 60-minute discovery call so we can establish where you want coaching to take you. 

At the end of that call, you let me know how much coaching suits you – three, five or ten hours. 

Regardless of the number of coaching hours chosen, the following are included:

  • Assessment questionnaires to support self-discovery and your journey within. 
  • Assignments between coaching conversations to move you towards your goals. 
  • Support between coaching conversations via email, text messaging and phone as desired.
  • A plan of action you have created that energizes you about what is next in your life.


3 hours – Launch Program $750 

5 hours – Launch Plus Program $1125 

10 hours – Voyager Program  $2000 

All prices in Canadian dollars and subject to change.

Terms and Conditions apply. A Coaching Agreement will be sent to you prior to program start. 

Disclaimer and Limits of Liability

Coaching services are not a substitute for professional mental health care; are not intended to diagnose, treat, or heal any condition; and are not in any way to be construed as psychological counseling or any type of therapy.

You are solely responsible for the results achieved through coaching. Next in Life Consulting and its coaches are not responsible in any way for the positive or negative outcomes resulting from the coaching conversations or decisions that you make during or after any coaching conversation.


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