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Retirement readiness assessment

  • Receipt of the “Retirement Success Profile” (RSP)™ or the “LifeOptions Profile” (LOP)™ to complete and a personalized report when the completed questionnaire is submitted.
  • The New Retirement or What Color is Your Retirement both by Richard P. Johnson, PhD.
  • A one to 1.5 hour debrief to explore strengths and areas for future consideration.

Fee: $300/assessment

Retirement transition coaching

  • One-hour coaching sessions that will always include an action/exercise for you to complete. This isn’t just about talking! The goal is for you to create a strategy for a satisfying retirement.
  • Coaching is conducted by phone or video conference. Reports and resources are sent by email.
    • Fee: $150/hour (individual)

    Couples retirement coaching

    • The stress on relationships with more time spent together in retirement is real with increased divorce rates seen among those over the age of 55 years. Engaging your spouse in retirement transition planning can serve as a basis for mapping a satisfying future retired life together.
    • Individual and couples coaching is conducted by phone or video conference. Reports and resources are sent by email.
      • Fee: $300/1.5 hours (couples)

      Speaking engagements

      • One and a half hours and custom-designed to address audience interests and provide an overview of opportunities and challenges faced with retirement on the horizon.

      Fee: Starting at $300


      • All-day workshops custom designed around participants’ results from the “Life Options Profile” (LOP)™ completed by all participants in advance of the workshop. Other pre-workshop exercises may need to be completed by participants to maximize workshop time.

      Fee: Starting at $1800 and contingent on number of participants. Minimum six people.

      To note

      • Services can also be combined into a package. Please ask for a quote.
      • Service fees must be paid up front.


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