Next in Life

Explore and plan what you will do with your retirement.

Ready to leave work behind but can’t see yourself chilling for the rest of your life? Or you’re a few years into retirement and thinking “Is this it?” and feeling “I’m not done yet!”

Next in Life can accelerate your ability to create the inspired, impactful life you want.

The result? More time to do what is meaningful to you, a sense of direction, a feeling of internal alignment, and excitement about where you see your life heading.

People retire to a new career, to part-time work, to personal pursuits, and more. Next in Life is dedicated to providing guidance as you explore and plan what is next in your life.

I have recently had the good fortune to attend one of Stefa Katamay’s talks. I found her carefully crafted words to be clear and engaging on issues of immediate relevance. It was also impressive to see the impact of her presentation on other attendees at our organization, who were galvanized to engage in discussions that moved the group forward.

John, PhD
Registered psychologist

I found Stefa’s pragmatic and authentic approach extremely effective. She asks the right questions to get to the heart of matter; whatever that matter may be for you. It can be scary to “look in corners” that you may have been neglecting but Stefa‘s intensions feel pure – to help – and the path made safe by her respectful, and permission-based communication. We spent three hours and I left with concrete insights that will guide me in my next chapter; thank you Stefa!

VP, Sales & Marketing

United Way Greater Victoria invited Stefa to present an online webinar on retirement planning to our donors. From the get-go Stefa was fantastic to work with and brought great energy and ideas to the planning process. The event itself was excellent. Stefa’s engaging style of presentation, drawing on her personal story, coaching expertise and wide-ranging knowledge brought new ideas and understanding to the general concept of retirement. The feedback received from the audience was overwhelmingly positive, with many citing the interactive nature of the event as a key highlight. We cannot recommend Stefa highly enough and hope to work with her again in the future!

Darryl Els
Donor Relations, United Way Greater Victoria

Stefa has been pivotal in challenging me to dig deep. With her support I have identified strengths and have begun to live my dream.

Educational Leader

As a coach, Stefa is markedly different. I was impressed from the beginning, when Stefa made her purpose clear to me. When she did, it strongly resonated. Additionally, Stefa listens and remembers! She is reasoned, calm, and a clear communicator. She provides feedback in a way that gives me choices and gets me thinking. While providing encouragement without judgement, I am confident playing with and discovering options. I would not hesitate to recommend Stefa.