Stefa Katamay

Stefa Katamay

Not done yet! That’s how I felt after four years living aboard a sailboat. I had left my career burnt out. Because of my age, it looked like retirement. Without a plan, I jumped at the first shiny thing that came along, sailing offshore. Yes, I thrived but I was lonely and bored, so I moved on.

Dialing into my values and strengths led to transition and retirement coaching, a perfect fit after living many challenges that a change in life direction presents. Testing out a life option, sailing for me, helped me see the value of working through three-to-five-year chunks, to plan what’s next.

I’ve transformed my experience to help people who want more than rest and relaxation to create inspired, impactful lives – to find a sense of internal alignment and excitement for what’s ahead.

Life is long. The world needs everyone to make a difference in their own way. Together let’s move the needle on how we view people in the second half of life who, increasingly, are not done yet!

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  • Graduate Certificate in Executive Coaching, Royal Roads University
  • Master of Health Science, University of Toronto
  • Bachelor of Science, University of Toronto

Professional development

  • Mental Fitness | Positive Intelligence PQ Coach
  • Harvard mentor manager 
  • Communicating with compassion
  • Group facilitation skills for public engagement
  • Project management in the public sector


They say you can take the girl out of Sudbury, but you can’t take the rock dust out of a Sudbury girl’s hair! In this Ontario mining town, I learned what remains important to me – honest courageous communication, perseverance, and a love for being on or near water. Here I developed a bit of an ear for languages and learned to whip up useful things on a sewing machine.

At play

Being active both calms and energizes me. Riding bikes on roads and in the bush, hiking, and cross-country skiing clear my head and help me gain perspective, as does meditation. Mountain biking, my later in life find, requires continuous skills building and is just plain fun! And travelling with a pack on my back has led to immeasurable growth within. From time to time you can still find me behind a sewing machine.