Stefa Katamay

Stefa Katamay

Not done yet! That’s how I felt after four years living aboard a sailboat. I had left my career burnt out. Because of my age, it looked like retirement. Without a plan, I jumped at the first shiny thing that came along, sailing offshore. Yes, I thrived but I was lonely and bored, so I moved on.

Dialing into my values and strengths led to transition and retirement coaching, a perfect fit after living many challenges that a change in life direction presents. Testing out a life option, sailing for me, helped me see the value of working through three-to-five-year chunks, to plan what’s next.

I’ve transformed my experience to help people who want more than rest and relaxation to create inspired, impactful lives – to find a sense of internal alignment and excitement for what’s ahead.

Life is long. The world needs everyone to make a difference in their own way. Together let’s move the needle on how we view people in the second half of life who, increasingly, are #notdoneyet!

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  • Graduate Certificate in Executive Coaching, Royal Roads University
  • Master of Health Science, University of Toronto
  • Bachelor of Science, University of Toronto

Professional development

  • Retirement Options Certified Coach
  • Harvard mentor manager 
  • Communicating with compassion
  • Group facilitation skills for public engagement
  • Project management in the public sector


They say you can take the girl out of Sudbury, but you can’t take the rock dust out of a Sudbury girl’s hair! In this Ontario mining town, I learned what remains important to me – honest courageous communication, perseverance, and a love for being on or near water. Here I developed an ear for languages and learned to whip up useful things on a sewing machine.

At play

Being active both calms and energizes me. Cycling, hiking, and cross-country skiing clear my head and help me gain perspective, as does meditation. Bashing away at pickleball and downhill skiing are just plain fun. And travelling, whether with a pack on my back or on a sailboat, has led to immeasurable growth within. From time to time you can still find me behind a sewing machine.