Save Your Brain — Use Your Hands!

One of the most protective things you can do against aging is to learn a manual skill when you’re young … and keep it up. The next best thing? Learn something new.

Navigating Towards a Life with Purpose

Navigating Towards a Life with Purpose

Ever grab the first thing that came along because you didn’t know what else to do? My story about just that is in the December 2020 issue of INSPIRED Magazine.

Cobbling Together a Life With Purpose

Lisbie Rae responded to the call for Next in Life reader submissions. Her reflections speak to how it feels to live with purpose. Lisbie nails it when she sees her activities went beyond “I like doing this,” to “This is what I’m meant to do.”

Ageism – The Enemy is All of Us

What do you think about getting older? How do you react when you see older people, older than you, on the street? Until we address the ageism within ourselves, we cannot be open to the myriad possibilities that the second half of life offers.

What do you do? Exploring opportunities in retirement

A healthy retirement is about looking ahead to possibilities. That said, the challenge when you are approaching retirement is figuring out how you want the future to look. And for those already retired you may be disappointed with your newfound freedom.